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Contaminants migrate into your family’s water supply whether you have a well or are using municipal water. Old pipes, agriculture, industrial and environmental sources can contribute to multiple harmful risks to your family’s health.
That’s where we come in.

Homes Tested

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Why you need your water tested by Advanced Water Analytics.

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends that homes test their water yearly. The more frequently your water is tested, the more accurate the results are for your water table. However, as water scientists, we know that If you only have your water tested once a year, the sample may contain higher or lower levels of contaminants then what the average may actually be. Therefore, getting routine testing done provides a more accurate account of elements in your water. AWPC recommends conducting quarterly tests to guarantee you have the most accurate reading of your water levels.

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My family uses municipal water at home and well water at our cabin. I was amazed at the level of critical analysis AWA used for both my water sources… and what they found was scary! With the right filtration system, I know my family is using safe water at both places.

- Henry Johnson, Madison, WI

The Advanced Water Analytics Home Water Test Kit.

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Our Partner Company

Once you realize your family’s water could be contaminated, what do you do? Our parnter company Stone House Technologies has the answer. The WaterPod. Quite posibly the world’s best whole-home water filtration system. This 6-stage “smart filter” water unit monitors you water. So does Stone House Technologies so you will always know that your family is using the best quality water possible.

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